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Gallery / Museum Showings

-”Reigning Cats and Dogs” 2015                  

with David Hockney and John Waters

Rena Bransten Gallery / SF, USA         

-”Cat Art Show” 2014 / 2015                           

with Shepard Fairey and Gary Baseman

Think Tank Gallery / LA, USA

-”Cat, Dog, Mouse” 2016                               

Museum of Animals and Society / LA, USA

-”Cats & Dogs” 2017                                      

with William Wegman

Museum of Israel / Jerusalem

Online / Printed Press


-Harper’s Bazaar Interiors / Dubai       

-Portland Mercury                                             

-Linda Magazine / Netherlands

-Yoho Magazine / China      

-Frankie Magazine / Australia

-Museum Guide / Museum of Israel

-Haaretz / Israel                                  

-Glamour Magazine Blog

-Buzzfeed Blog

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